Stress Management

Stress impacts everything we do. Health professionals are especially vulnerable to stress and its affect on our health and wellbeing. This course outlines tips and strategies on dealing with stress!

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What You Will Learn:

What is stress?

Identifying what stress is ensures that we can then take the next step!


Having a 'toolkit' of stress busters helps ensure that you can manage stress anywhere, anytime

Why manage stress?

Stress is a know factor in developing many chronic diseases. Managing stress can help minimise the risk of developing a chronic condition!


The secret to managing stress is to first acknowledge and then develop strategies to manage it. In this one hour course you will learn how to identify and manage stress

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About Kay ...

Kay is an experienced health educator who has developed and presented online courses for nurses/midwives and health professionals for over 20 years. Kay has worked in universities, colleges and health facilities in Australia and the US and is now excited at the opportunity to offer professional development opportunities via "My CPD Academy".

Kay Ross

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The course consists of a one hour video which you can watch all at once or pause and watch in smaller increments

A: You will receive one hour of CPD which you can use for annual registration requirements

Research confirms that stress is a major issue

Identifying and managing stress needs to be a priority for all health professionals!

Don't delay - start dealing with stress NOW!

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