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Caring for yourself needs to be a priority for us all! If we feel unhealthy or we know that there is something that needs to change then this course is just what you need!   Enrol now!

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What You Will Learn:

How healthy are you?

Many health professionals are experts in looking after other people, especially their clients. However, often this does not translate into looking after themselves.

A recent survey of nurses' health was eyeopening!

Many nurses rated themselves as 'unhealthy' and most were stressed. 

So, how can you take charge of your own health?

This course highlights the simple steps that you can do to improve your own health.


Developing health and wellness strategies for our own health and wellbeing should be our priority! This course provides you with the tools and strategies for making small changes - so don't delay. Sign up NOW!

Enrol now!

About Kay ...

Kay has is an experienced educator and trainer and has taught in Universities, Colleges and Health Facilities, Nationally and Internationally for over 20 years. She is an experienced online course developer and facilitator for nurses, midwives and other health professionals.

Kay Ross

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is one hour in length so will receive one hour of CPD

Yes! Health and wellbing is a topic that is a must-do for all health professionals and will provide you with tools and strategies for taking control of your own health

Even focusing on just one area of health can make a huge difference and this course guides through some questions that can identify areas of improvement for all of us!

Don't follow the crowd!

This is the time to do something different and actually make your own health a priority! Even small steps (e.g. eating more vegetables) can make a huge difference. We are not talking about deprivation and 'diet' and 'exercise' are words that we don't use. So, join us now and take the first step to feeling better about yourself (and your health)!

Don't delay - start now!

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